Our service

In-home trials, furniture assembly, returns, and old furniture disposal — you can quickly and easily profit from our full-service options, professional execution, and specialized equipment — all tailored to meet your specific needs. Get in touch today!.


Our trained and properly equipped employees can also assemble and install modular furniture, living room and bedroom suites, office furniture, and more. Thanks to regular training, you can always count on our people to do good work.

Return management

To make your returns as efficient as possible, our delivery staff are trained to carefully disassemble and package your furniture for return. At our storage facility, logsens warehousing and logistics specialists forward the item to you or your manufacturer — it's fast and easy.

Packaging disposal

You can also have us properly dispose of packaging materials as a friendly gesture to the environment and your customers. You can have us return multi-use packaging materials to you or the manufacturer as required.

Disposal of old furniture

Out with the old, in with the new: another convenient service we offer is removal and disposal of old furniture upon your customer's request. We ask if this is desired when we notify the customer about the delivery.

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